Anxiety Relief


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“Release All of Your Problems, with Hypnosis”

With the “Anxiety Relief”  hypnosis session, you can reprogram your brain to dissolve your anxiety and obsessive concerns, before they turn into a problem.

If you suffer from anxiety, either in a specific situation or generally, then hypnosis is worth a try. All our hypnosis sessions are based around a deeply relaxing experience which in itself is the opposite physical state to anxiety. Then, you will be guided to use your imagination to lower your anxiety levels and decondition any previous anxious patterns.

Habitual anxiety, or generalized anxiety disorder as it’s sometimes called, is often caused by long-term habits which can take a little longer to unpick. But regular deep relaxation can ‘reset’ your nervous system’s baseline so that you remember how it feels to be relaxed on a daily basis. Using hypnosis for anxiety is quick, effective and you can use it whenever you need to.

“Anxiety Relief”  can help you to:

  • Overcome sources of persistent stress and anxiety in your life
  • Turn off worry mode when the day is over and enjoy your home and family life
  • Recognize those early warning signs and take action before anxiety can kick in
  • Take action. Wash away all of your worry and anxiety for good.

*Available in English & Romanian Language

*Available in CD format or MP3

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